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    FireFox won't start

    Hi everyone,

    I'm fairly new at using Linux, and I just kinda learned how to install rpms last Wednesday. Anyways, I got some free time so I browsed through the firefox themes webpage. I installed a lot of themes which I liked. I chose one that looked good (I forgot which), then when I restart firefox, it loads then immediately closes. i uninstalled it, then installed again (1.0.6-16 version). It installed fine, but it still wouldn't start. How do I fix this?

    When I log in as root, firefox starts fine. But when logged in as user, encounter the problem as stated above. When I type "firefox" in konsole, I get this message:

    (Gecko:7366): Gtk-CRITICAL **gtk_widget_get_parent_window: assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed
    (Gecko:7366): Gtk-CRITICAL **gtk_widget_is_viewable: assertion 'window !=NULL' failed
    (Gecko:7366): Gtk-CRITICAL **gtk_widget_get_parent: assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed
    /usr/bin/firefox: line 251: 7366 Segmentation fault $MOZ_PROGRAM $MOX_LANG

    How do I resolve this? Please help!


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    Rename your hidden /home/username/.mozilla directory to something else, then restart Firefox to see if that helps. Make sure Firefox is closed when your rename the directory. If it works, you can retrieve your bookmarks from the old directory and move them to the new .mozilla directory.


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    Hey Oz,
    Thanks for the reply. I got firefox working fine again. I think the theme I installed before was corrupted, and I just removed it and firefox is working fine. Hallelujah!

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