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Thread: Amarok problem

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    Amarok problem

    I'm using Amarok to play MP3s. Everytime I open the application, there is no sound. I need to go to YAST > Hardware > sound. Delete the existing sound setup, then add it again. I have to do this everytime I run amarok.

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    just use another player. real player seems to work fine,

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    i could never in good conscience allow anyone to recommend real player. does it work with .ogg files?

    ok, try quitting amarok and closing almost anything else that uses the sound card. then restart amarok and try again. see if that works.
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    I was using Real player in Suse 9.3 and it sucked big time.

    Anyways, after configuring the sound and playing amarok, then quit the application after a time, and restarting Amarok, the sound card works fine. It is when I turn off the computer and log in again is when the problem happens. I have to re-configure the sound everytime!

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