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    Question "triple" boot! is it possible?

    There exist dual boot, i wonder if there exist a system with more than 2 OSs, (Fedora Core 5, SuSE, windows...e.g.) can live peacefully together

    Is there anyone, who has tried to install SuSE, FC, and Windows on the same system with only one physical harddisk?. If yes, please tell me how to do it, and how to call such a system (i guess its name is "triple boot" ).

    My current system: a 60GB harddisk, in total.
    1st partition 43 GB for Windows
    2nd for Swap
    3rd for SuSE

    Now, i want to resize 1st partition (43GB), one for windows and another for Fedora Core 5.

    In that way, can the Swap partition be used by both FC5 and SuSE?

    I am totally new on linux, so please help me out.

    Many thanks,
    wish you all a sweet day!

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    To give you a short answer, yes to all the above. There is a post in the howto area of this site if you care to read it. I feel there is an easier method than the one posted there, but that will work.
    A few suggestions.

    I think (not sure) Fedora usually suggests LILO as a bootloader. This is fine. Assuming Suse is installed, install Fedora but don't write LILO to the MBR. Simply take the option of installing LILO to Fedora's root. Let Suse have control of the MBR.

    After this is taken care of boot up Suse. Yast has a section on altering the bootloader configuration. Just let it do it's thing. If this works it will save you from having to edit menu.lst by hand. If it fails for some reason menu.lst is not hard to edit.

    Your idea of having Windows on the first partition is good. Ideally Windows should have it's own hard drive but what you suggest will work.

    Sharing swap. No problem.

    If Fedora offers the option of creating a boot floppy, take it. You can never have to many rescue options.

    As to how to partition for this setup, it looks like you already have a grasp of it. Lot's of people here can give pointers if needed.

    Edit/ One more thing. If you plan to start this all from scratch, install Windows, Suse, then Fedora. Easiest way imo.

    Whoa! edit: Sorry, I had a memory lapse. Read this
    IF you decided to use LILO with Fedora menu.lst MUST be hand edited.
    WARNING: I may be telling you more than I know !

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    Triple boot? bah! This dude's bootin' 100+ os's. lol !!

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    Thumbs up i did it

    thanks for the help. now i have a system with windows anh 2 version of linux

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