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    SuSe 10 and DivX/Xvid?

    I've been trying to get divx and xvid working for a while now, no success yet. All programs either tell me I do not have the correct codecs installed, or simple don't say anything, and display a black screen.

    Here's a list of the packages I installed:

    a52dec | 340.7 kB
    divx | 2.4 MB
    divx4linux | 1.3 MB
    faac | 576.5 kB
    faad2 | 2.9 MB
    kdemultimedia3-arts-mad | 2.2 MB
    libiec61883 | 188.3 kB
    libmpeg3 | 3.3 MB
    mad | 230.6 kB
    vlc | 20.1 MB
    xchat | 4.2 MB
    xvid | 2.1 MB
    xvid4conf | 1.6 MB

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    install win32codecs or w32codecs (forgot what exactly it is called).
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    Thanks, that did fix divx playback, but Xvid still doesn't work (same error, no codec found) anyone have ideas on that one?

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    For any video playback. Using SuSe 10.1 alpha4, I just use this software:

    But, it still need additional pacakages due to its depency. The packages as I remembered is:

    Hope this will help. It running fine on my Acer Aspire 5500 notebook.
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