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    Couple questions..

    i got tired of windows - i hate it. so, i now i switched to SUSE 10.1 beta 9 64 bit.


    couple questions.

    1) i tried to install wine (cause i wanna play a game and use a couple of windows apps) and it was a no go, i click on "install with YaST" and it did nothing

    2) it will read my onboard sound (on my ASUS A8V Deluxe), and it will read my soundcard (soundblaster live 24bit)... BUT. i cant seem to get my soundblaster card to work. also, when i test the sound on my onboard sound, it works, but when i try to play one of the games that comes with linux, theres no sound (even though i configured the sound in the game)

    3) when i transferred files over from my comp (mp3's, and some dvds), i tried to play them with like amaroK and banshee, and they would just skip the songs.

    Im excellent with computers, but with linux, well, what the hell do i do?, can someone help me? haha

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    With Wine, I have heard it is better to compile it from source, because you can change options and whatnot.

    As for the card, does it come up with any error messages at all, same with the game.

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    no error messages at all, and as for wine, man.... how do i install it from source? i dont know where to even start! haha, im so lost in linux, mind you ive had it for like a day or two... i just hope i can get everything set up all nice-nice, cause i dont wanna go back to windows...

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    the mp3's and dvd's is probably just that you lack some of the codecs. w32codecs and libdvdcss. i belive libxine will install the w32codecs by default. if you google you can download them and install them through YaST.
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