Ok here goes!

Problem- Will not connect to internet.

Hardware- Dell Dimension 3000 desktop
Dell Wireless 1450 USB adapter

Software- Suse 10.0
ndiswrapper (driver present, hardware present)

Extra Info-

or see image at http://www.fuzzphobia.buildtolearn.net/snapshot1.png

Explanation- I tried to get this same wireless card working in kubuntu with no luck. According to the ndiswrapper wiki, this card will work and I am using the correct drivers. The install for ndiswrapper worked just fine. I followed a tutorial to set everything up so far that came from TUX magazine. it can be found here. I managed to get most of the tutorial done but towards the end it got very general and less indepth. I would appreciate some help on this one because once I get this done it will be much easier to fix other things. (restarting the computer every time I forget something isn't very fun. Nor is writing everything down and then finding out it doesn't work.) Thanks