First, let me say this: I am a complete Linux noob. I have only had Linux installed for 3 days, and all three days I have spent trying to get my wireless working to no avail. By the way, I have the x86_64 architecture. Everywhere I look the instructions are different, and most of the time quite vauge. The following I have done all as root.
1. I have ndiswrapepr-1.14, and I have gotten that installed.
2. I have the driver, bcmwl5.inf, apparently installed, for when I type ndiswrapper -l (i think) it says "driver installed, hardware present."
This is where the wheels start to fall off, at this point, according to the ndiswrapper isntructions, wlan0 should show up when i type lsconfig, but I only get lo, eth0, and one other. I havn't tried messing with anything in YaST because I honestly don't know what I am doing. My wireless card is in a PCI slot if that helps anyone help me.

I realize Linux has a high learning curve and I am willing to work through it, but when I have checked 5 different sources and get 5 different sets of instructions, that fustrates me. If i could just have one set of concrete instructions, I would be very gratefull.