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    question about DISPLAY variable

    From my desktop, I launch a terminal window.

    I connect to ServerA (SLES 9) which has gnome as DE.

    ssh -X root@ServerA

    I type:
    # echo $DISPLAY

    However, I connect in same way to Server B (SLES 9) which has no GUI

    ssh -X root@ServerB

    # echo $DISPLAY

    Why is no display being set on Server B?

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    I'm not sure all of the effects not having a GUI will have, but if I ssh into an OpenWRT (also no GUI) it still sets the Display variable.

    I would suspect the sshd_config file on serverB. Take a look for the following lines

    X11Forwarding yes
    X11DisplayOffset 10
    Let us know how that goes and we can help you more if you need,

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