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    Cool VOI - ???? what if...

    please, I thought VOI was a sort of cheap digitized voice connection through something like a private chat room where one could mutually meet a contact at an agreed time. Am I totally wrong? Here in Oz we have to have a landline, broadband, an ISP and a VIO provider to use it. All I want is to meet my far away friend(s) at some cyberpoint and converse privately via 56K V90 modems and headsets + computer, without paying any more for the privilige. I have 10.0. any ideas??? tks rjp
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    VoIP over a 56K Dial-up conection will not work all that well, you will find there there is awful lag on the connection. If you have broadband, i would reccommend using this, and then try and find a VoIP provider that allows conference calling, that way, all you need is to install a client on the PC, and then make a conferencce call to the people involved.

    The Lag issue will be multiplied more so as you get more people into the conference call i would have thought.
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    isn't what y're looking for?


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    Quote Originally Posted by paulr
    isn't what y're looking for?
    Essentially yes, but Skype use proprietary software and protocols etc... i prefer someone like I know they're UK based, but if you are only ever going to use it for computer->computer connections, it doesn't matter what landline number you get... personally i'd avoid skype, but as i say, yes, that is essentially what they're after
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