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Thread: Error: -3027

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    Error: -3027

    ok so i boot my pc from the cd (i downloaded the 6 isos burnt them as images, etc) then theres a part that says "preparing your Hard Disk" so it says "shring windows partition to 47 GB" then to make another partition and so on... when i select next it says once again "Shrinking Windows partition" and suddenly an error window appears saying

    Failure ocurred during following action:
    Shrinking partition /dev/hda1 to 47.3 GB
    System error code was: -3027

    someone told me to defragment my HDD a few times and that that would do it but i did, i defragmented the HD twice and doesnt work, the same error appears , should i defragment it more times or what should i do ? thank u in advance for any help!

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    Exclamation Error: -3027

    I have the same problem! I have found on most cases that defraging windows works, however, I have defraged my Toshiba Laptop 3 times now and still I am unable to install SUSE 10.1 off the Novell CD Set. Have you found another way around this?

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    I have had issues resizeing partitions with the suse install CD's before, so what I did was I downloaded the GParted Live CD and did all my partitioning from there. I would first though run "chkdsk -f" under windows to fix the errors that it made to the windows drive during resizeing.
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    Im srry I didnt get to this sooner

    Ok, the problem you guys are having is you cannot alter a NTFS partition if the operating system (Win XP) was not shut down properly. You simply have to log into Windows and shutdown properly from startup. Assuming the drive has no errors.

    Most likely this will fix your problem.

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