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    Wireless network please

    First of all let me just say i am a complete beginner at linux so take it slow with me please. I have a linksys wireless pci card in my pc and i want to connect it to my router. When i go to YaST it allows me to configure it but when i finish configuring it it doesnt connect to the internet. Im sure you need a lot more infomation to help so please ask, thanks in advance!

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    First of all what's the model number of the card?

    Secondly you should try going to the Linksys Website and find the linux driver for your card.
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    if you installed SuSE while the wireless card was already connected, it should already be configured. have you tried using KInternet to connect to your wireless network?
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    Hi there,

    I've had trouble getting my wireless card working as well, but found the following sites helpful:

    Essentially, it goes something like this:

    SUSE sets up your wireless card incorrectly.
    You need to get the driver and get it working properly by downloading ndiswrapper.
    ndiswrapper works by installing the Windows driver for your card. Best bet is the one that came with your card (on the CD), otherwise download the right one from LinkSys. When I did this, I talked to Linksys themselves to make sure I had the right driver (there's different versions - 1 to 4, you definitely need the right one). Linksys have a "chat" thing on their site so you can ask. Don't bother asking if they know how to get their card working on Linux, though, they don't!
    Get to know the following commands:

    ifconfig (shows all the network interfaces on your machine)
    iwconfig (shows all wireless network interfaces)
    iwlist scan (shows all available wireless networks your card can detect)

    The above three commands need to be entered as root. To do that, open a terminal and type

    su -

    that asks you for root password and then you're in.

    Apologies if any of this is a bit random, I'm a bit drunk and gutted after the England game....!

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