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    SuSe Tv Card and ATI driver install help

    Im new to Suse so I got no clue what im doing. First off my hauppauge 150MCE tv card could not be installed during SuSe installation, so i figured i could go and get the drivers online but I dont even know how to get them or what app to use so my tv card device can be found. Then i downloaded the ATi linux driver for my video card and the file is *.run and I also do not know how to install the file.
    Last thing is how do i uninstall the biggest noob here

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    To install the ATI driver the best way to do it is to save it to your home director,open a terminal (konsole or gnome-terminal) and type the following commands, entring the root password when asked
    cd ~
    sh ./ati*
    You can replace ati* with the filename if you wish. I'm not sure about the TV card, try installing xawtv to see if it detects it.

    The way to install/remove applications in SUSE is to open YaST, go to Software and click 'Manage Software'

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    thank you for your help i got the ATI driver installed however still working on getting some tv app to work with my hauppauge card. I downloaded xawtv but the file was tar.gz, I extracted all the files to a folder but now dont know what to do with these files. I think i need a SUSE for dummies

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