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    Linux is Rubbish

    Linux, as a user experience, is absolute rubbish. Not just a little bit rubbish - but big time "I can't be bothered with this" - pants.

    Let me explain myself.

    I'm a developer, I write computer programs for a living, I understand how computers work. I understand how users work. I want to believe that Linux is a good thing.

    I understand that Windows has plenty of faults - it's too flashy, it's got too many services running in the background eating up CPU cycles that I could be using to do what I want to do, it's not secure, and it's created by Microsoft - the McDonalds of the computer world. Like I said, I want to believe that Linux is a good thing.

    But it's NOT.

    I buy a magazine (Linux Format) for 10 which has a CD on the front. The magazine claims to be "All You Need To Install Linux". The distribution they're "giving away" is Fedora 5. It's "Linux Made Easy", apparently. I take the magazine home and try and install Fedora. It doesn't work. The two-page instructions on installation that the magazine provides do not allow for the fact that things might go wrong. Fedora doesn't appear to recognise my laptop's monitor and things break down round about Step 3.

    I'm a developer, though, so that's not going to stop me. I'm still curious about Linux and I AM going to get it working. I ask my colleagues at work and they say to try a different distribution. Someone kindly gives me a copy of SUSE 10.1.

    Hurray! I finally install SUSE 10.1 and I have a desktop. I have icons and stuff. They're too big and too garish. I think it's over the top, but that's ok - this is Linux, it's super-quick, right?


    Not only is it not the super-quick, expert operating system, that puts Windows to shame as I expected, but my wireless network card doesn't work. It takes me a week of tinkering to sort out my wireless card. Thank God for "ndiswrapper".

    Then I'm finally set up with a useable system. But guess what? It's SLOWER than Windows!! All that pain for nothing! I try and start Eclipse and not only does it take longer to start up, but if I type something, it takes 4 - 5 seconds to appear on screen! The icons are more stupid, and more fancy. It's nothing like what I expected from linux. I expected linux to a lean, mean operating system, but it's rubbish, it takes up too much of my computer's time and GNOME and KDE (being the main desktop environments) embody everything I hate about Windows. They're fat and ugly. It's difficult to set up. The advice you get from forums is disparate and conflicting.

    If I was trying to sell Linux to one of the users I regularly have to talk to, I know they'd be disappointed. Just like me.

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    If you want a fast Linux distro, then SUSE is definitely not the right answer (arch, gentoo, slackware come to my mind).

    If you had a bad start with Linux than it is sad, for sure. But: You have three posts till now. And you other post says that you indeed GOT A WORKING WIRELESS!! So what the crap are you trying to pull off here? With every problem you have, I would have gladly helped you, just like all others, too, but that trollish attitude that you have currently is unbearable. Really. One thing is for sure, I won't help you after this trollish post. Linux is not rubbish - your post is.

    You are a programmer. Do you give up immediately when you code something for windows and it doesn't work the way you want it? I bet that you try to fix things there. Why not in Linux?

    I ask myself why I even answer to this post. It' not worth the time.
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    I admit it can be frustrating at times, and I'm not even a developer. I've had problems with modems, so far I've tried two internal modems both don't work. I'm currently having a problem getting my Conexant modem to work.

    So yes it can be frustrating... but IMHO Linux isn't really like Windows. Yes they are both operating systems but thats about it. Linux is for people who want to learn more, and that is one of the reasons why more people use windows, they can get stuff done without having to know anything. For the majority thats all they care about. Where as anyone who uses Linux has to experiment. Personally I really enjoy doing this, but I can understand that some people would not think of this as anything enjoyable. I guess everyone needs to decide for themselves.
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    Trollish?! Eeek! I've never been described as trollish before, although I'm surprised I caused such a reaction. I admit it was kind of a trollish post as I was posting a provocative message.

    The point is though, Windows users have an easy experience - they log in, they get online, they do what they like. My point is that the current Linux distributions embody everything I hate about Windows; they have loads of flashy icons, but no substance - they're simply not user friendly enough.

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    I reported this as a troll because that is what is. Read it, laugh at it, move on to someone who has a real problem on the forum. Just let it get buried.

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    Is it not possible for someone to post something negative about Linux on this forum?! Surely that's not worth reporting as a "troll"!

    I appreciate the approach was provocative - but my point is valid, the end-user experience of Linux is poor.

    Any contributing, alternative, reasons why I am wrong are welcome. Simply saying I'm a troll is not valid.

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    If your concern is appearance, then that's not Linux's fault; it's the distro maker's. There's probably at least 30 window managers available, which are typically more lightweight than GNOME or KDE. Also, Fedora Core and SuSE aren't exactly built for speed...
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    Okay, against my initial will, I will add some substance to all this.

    It is of course possible to post something negative. I have read hundreds of negative posts already from users that were frustrated, but they explained their problems in detail and did not start a topic with a lousy "Linux is rubbish" thing. If you want real help then respect all who post here as what we are: a bunch of users who switched to Linux and who help in their spare time those users who need help. We have better things to do than read another "this is bad and that is also bad and Windows is much nicer" post again. And we don't like to be treated as if WE are part of YOUR problem if the problem is your unwilligness to learn something. Well, this is at least true for me, as I am a Linux developer myself.

    Have you ever thought why some things might be problematic in Linux? Simply because the hardware vendors do not provide other OS's like Linux with free drivers. Many of them keep their knowledge for themselves. The result is: Linux driver have to be written from scratch again and that is a long and problematic procedure, especially if there is no useful documentation for an application available. Nvidia e.g. opened their drivers. They can be installed in Linux in a hurry. ATI on the other hand is still a pain in Linux.

    We know that certain things like Laptop support are not always 100% perfect. But neither is it any other operating system I used, Windows included. Some distros are very good for lappies (Kanotix comes to my mind), while others are not so compatible for very different reasons. The developers try hard and most of them (especially the voluntary developers) deserve a bit more respect for what they do in their spare time for free.

    Critics are welcome. But please in a civilized way.

    You have probs with Linux and have been using it for - how long? Three days? A week? A month? How long have you been using DOS/Windows? When you started with Windows, did everything work immediately? Did you know everythig already? E.g. how to fine-tune the registry or how to launch a setup.exe from the command line? I bet this is not the case. I grew up with computers and my first computer (over 20 years ago) was a puzzle for me. How did I solve this puzzle? By sitting down on my four letters and learning things from scratch. Same later with Windows. I started from scratch and it took me years to know all the important little things. How can you expect to feel comfortable in Linux in e.g. one months??? Never heard of the word "transition"? Give Linux a fair chance. Use it for a year as your only OS. If you are still disappointed then, then you are entitled to call Linux rubbish. But only then.

    End of message.
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    This is the type of thread that draws flames, therefore it is called trollish.
    And under that ruling I am going to lock this thread.
    You should start a new topic stating exactly what the problem was and ask for help on how to fix it.

    And woollybar you should read this topic.
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