Ok, after a long loyalty to red hat and fedora, i got fed up with trying to get the nvidia drivers to install so i downloaded suse and installed it. Everything went pretty well until i wanted to install the nvidia drivers. On the nvidia site, theres a like to the instructions to install the nvidia drivers on suse. There were two sets of instructions, useing yast and doing it manually, using yast was reccomended so i went along with it. There were two really strange things though, firstly, uname -r told me i was running the smp kernel, and i can assure you i only wish i had a multi processor system. Secondly, yast kept freezing when i tried to give it to do an online update. Anyway, i managed to get it to do something like that looked like an online update, and the drivers were installed whilst it was doing its little update thing. On reboot however X server didnt like my new configuration and refused to start. After puting the defult driver back to nv it worked again, but im not sure how i should go about installing the driver. Thanks.