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Thread: root launcher?

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    root launcher?

    How do you make a root launcher.

    ex.: konqueror file manager / konqueror file manager super user mode

    It does not appear to be command line argument, howz it done?

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    It actually is a command line argument. Rather, it's a command for which the application command is an argument. Confused yet?
    The magic word is gksu. Just put something like this as the command for the launcher:
    gksu nautilus
    and when you use that launcher, it will first ask for the root password (or keyring password if you're using the Gnome keyring) and then launch nautilus with root privileges.

    Edit: I assumed above that you're using Gnome. If you're in KDE, the magic word is kdesu. It works the same way.
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    I screwed around with gksu for hours installing python-extra packages other lib packages cause I do use gnome and dont have kde installed. A directory does exist for it, but no file. Finally i just tried kdesu and it works! Go figure... Its all good thanx much.... jw

    If ya know what I might be missing for gksu let me know...

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