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Thread: FTP server

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    FTP server

    i need some help.......
    I want to make my computer an ftp server(small scale) , i read an online tutorial to do the same
    when i type:
    service vsftpd start
    it gives me an error message whoch read as follows :
    Starting vsftpd startproc: exit status of parent of /usr/sbin/vsftpd: 1

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    Setting up VerySecure FTP
    From SUSE Wiki
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    Type: Howto, Application-Specific (vsFTP)

    Tested Versions: 10.0, 10.1

    Written By: z0man

    TFTP(Trivial FTP) is a basic option with no secruity. vsftp(Very Secrue FTP) is far more secure

    Providing you have setup your network IP on the server, there are four steps in order to get vsftp to work.

    * 1 Installation
    * 2 Configuration
    * 3 Adjusting SUSE Firewall
    * 4 Testing


    Using "Yast Software Management" search for and install "vsftp"

    There are two ways to start up VSFTP, we can use xinetd services to start it or standalone server(where you configure it in your boot up scripts). Xinetd is more secure so lets get that enabled if you have not done so. In YAST visit System->Network Services->Network Services(xinetd). Click "Toggle (Enable)"

    Once enabled, a list will be visible and you should find near the top "vsftpd". The line will probably read something like (Use left and right arrows/horizontal scroll bar)

    │ --- │ftp │stream│ tcp │No │root │/usr/sbin/vsftpd....

    Make sure that row is highlighted and then "toggle Status" to ON

    Now we have to configure vsftpd to open for users on Linux. Edit /etc/vsftpd.conf. This is read when vsftpd is started, lines with # at the beginning are ignored as most deamons are. Important note, the more you uncomment the less secure it is.

    Look for the following lines and uncomment:


    Comment out(If you don't like anonymous users just coming in looking around freely)


    Change Listen line to


    Changing "Listen" to no allows xinetd to start up the service rather setting up a boot script for /usr/sbin/vsftpd
    Adjusting SUSE Firewall

    If you're running this you need to adjust this. In EXTERNAL ZONE you will need to ALLOW a couple of ports on TCP/UDP. In Yast visit

    Secruity & Users -> Firewall

    TAB or click on "Allow Services" then select "Advanced", add the following ports

    TCP Ports
    20 21
    UDP Ports
    20 21

    Then click OK. Then click NEXT to see the Summary for SuSeFirewall changes and accept. 21 and 20 are standard ports for FTP communication and they need to be enabled on both UDP and TCP.

    Restart SuSeFirewall and vsftp with the following commands

    # rcnetwork restart
    # rcxinetd restart

    Use your desired FTP client software to connect to your Server IP on port 21 and enjoy On Linux I'd type

    $ ftp

    Then use a username on the server.

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    Currently I installed SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10) with SP3 and I solved the ftp configuration above guide line. But root account can not access to ftp. The other user can ftp to server.
    Anyone who konw how to let root account ftp to server? please help me

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