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    OpenSuSe for low ram computers

    I only have 256mb ram and 64mb of it is dedicated to my graphics card. I was wondering if anyone knows of a version of OpenSuSe that is for computers with less then 256mb ram.


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    You may install a newer version of suse (10.1 , 10.2) and during the installation select neither kde nor gnome but "other".
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    Quote Originally Posted by valemon View Post
    You may install a newer version of suse (10.1 , 10.2) and during the installation select neither kde nor gnome but "other".
    Thanks you for your reply Valemon.


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    i was running a duel boot with xp and suse10.2 running fine on 256mb ram, 1.8ghz celeron! i had a geforce4 with an extra 64mg on, but it ran perfectly!!!

    i only find suse a slight bit slower than xp, but i expect that compiz will slow suse down a bit

    i am still on the same setup 3 months later, but have doubled the ram and video card! still no problems!

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    old pc experience

    Last December, I successfully installed openSUSE-10.1 (and later 10.2) on an old PC that had 128MBytes of RAM and an Intel 866MHz CPU. In both cases, during the installation I selected neither kde nor gnome but "other" (ie exactly as valemon recommended)

    But even though it was running a light weight window manager, it was slow. Very slow (mind you I am used to working with PCs with a minimum of 1GByte of RAM, and a CPU at least double the speed).

    In the end, I unsuccesfully tried to upgrade the RAM from 128MB to 512MB (problems with memory card compatibility, plus a very low budget imposed by the wife), but in the end I succeeded upgrading from 128MByte to 256MByte. With 256MByte the PC ran significantly faster. So much so, I installed KDE on it, mainly because I like the features that automatically come with KDE, and I don't have to spend hours crawling thru the documentation/web, trying to get equivalent features on the lighter weight desktops.

    But because of the "limited" 256MBytes of RAM, I rarely run more than 1 application at once. In fact, instead I typically type "ssh -X ip-address-of-other-lan-pc" and run my applications from another pc in my lan, using this pc for the gui display.

    The biggest problem I had was the CD/DVD drive on this PC was so old, it had difficulty reading the CD/DVDs that were burned. It even had problems with the Novell/SuSE commercially burned CD/DVD. If I had the budget, my next purchase would be to buy a cheap dvd reader, and replace the old one on this old PC.

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