hi, ive bin trying to get multiple x servers working on b1 card! ie, my tv at 800x600 and my monitor at 1200x1000, i tried editing xorg.conf by hand, but never worked properly,

i then tried sax2, and in terminal,
sax2 -b xinerama

then brought up sax2's gui, set up exactly correctly,my tv was displaying the correct image, and so was my monitor!

i then saved the settings in sax2, killed x, and when it came back, my monitor was ok, but tv had just a black screen, and i could drg the mouse cursor to the tv, but when the pointer got there, it changed to a cross!!

so i went into xorg.conf, and it looked like the 2 screens should be ok! i then went to sax2, and it only had display active! so activated the 2nd 1, the test looked right again, saved the settings, killed x, and then exactly the same thing happened! display 2 keeps disabling itself in sax2 every time x gets killed!!!!!!!!

why?? and also is there a way to stop this??