On this end I'm using SUSE v10.0 and I've just received a USB > DB25F cable to hook my Microtek Scanmaker v300 to the computer and it's recognized as a printer.

In the file "etc/sane.d/dll.conf" there are two (2) listings for Microtek; "#microtek" and "#microtek2". Which one do I unblock?

In the file ""dev/usb" there are two files; "lp0" and "lp1". There are two printers attached to this computer, via USB ports and the printers work fine - just discovered I can print one, two and if I want, three pages per single sheet. Getting to like this Linux more and more!

In the file "dev" there are listings for the following: "usbdev1.1", "usbdev2.1" thru "2.5", as well as "usbdev3.1", "usbdev4.1" and "usbdev4.3". There is NO "usbdev4.2"

There is no file "dev/usbscaner0".
There is no file "dev/usb/usbscanner0"

From what you may know of Linux and the haredware and software mix on this end, what needes to be done to have the Linux software here recognize the old, the tried and true Microtek Scanmaker v300 scanner and to make it operate?