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Thread: Samba woes

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    don't mean to commit necromancy on this one but I went for a pretty simple solution for this problem in mounting my smb shares through scripts under kubuntu 8.04 as I was having the same original problem (no messing with wins, config files, etc.)

    I just started using something like this in my scripts...

    IPADDRESS=`nmblookup hostname | tail -n 1 | sed 's/\(.*\..*.\.*.\.*\) .*/\1/'`
    sudo mount -t smbfs //$IPADDRESS/share /path/to/mount/target -o workgroup=WORKGROUP,username=username

    this prompts for a password for protected shares but you can figure out how to put that on the command line (I like to be prompted as opposed to putting passwords in scripts).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baloo View Post
    Actually the following did the trick in 10.2
    edit /etc/nsswitch.conf:
    change: hosts: files dns
    to: hosts: files dns wins

    Leaving linux for the same reasons

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    Quote Originally Posted by viabsb View Post
    Leaving linux for the same reasons
    10 years later?
    whatever those reasons are - it's hardly relevant anymore.
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