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    Installing nVidia Driver (complete Linux Noob)

    I am trying to install an nVidea graphics card and am getting completely lost.

    First off, I try doing what they tell me in the sparse instructions. I come across an error that tells me that I appear to be running an X Server and should exit that first. I spend a hell of a long time figuring how to exit the X Server mode though I only manage to start the system in 'level 1' by selecting 'Recovery mode' from the startup options. Using telinit 3 logs me back in to the GUI which is the X Server right?

    So anyways, I try running the .run file from this environment and I get an error saying that the no Kernel Interface could be downloaded and that I don't have some header files, etc. installed. I believe I have to install the Kernel Interface which I assume will be an interface for an installer or something?... This has left me utterly lost...

    I have installed Ubuntu from the feisty faun 7.04 live/install CD (for AMD64). I have a dual boot with Windows Vista, Ubuntu is on master hdd and windows on a slave.

    Can anyone shed any kind of basic light on matters?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Great thanks. That link made me realise that I was going about things the wrong way.

    For any other noobs such as me who come accross this:

    When enabling Desktop Effects (System->Preferences->Desktop Effects) shortly after installing Ubuntu, I was prompted to install nVidea 3d acceleration drivers (or some such). This I did, however, I could not find any decent screen resolutions when trying to set my screen res which led me to believe that I needed to download a driver and install it.

    This was my mistake. The driver was now already installed and the screen res issue was a separate issue altogether. For me, this beautifully simple solution did the trick:

    All the best


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    Even if your problem is solved, here is one script which you may use to automatically install nVidia and ATI drivers in Ubuntu, it will also automatically configure your xorg.

    Here it is: Envy Home

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    Thanking you,


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