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    hmm..another guess ...If you don't need or use any application then try uninstalling them (For example,say gimp) using Add/Remove options.
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    nikolas@nikolas-desktop:~$ du -s /home/yourusername/* | sort -nr | cut -f 2- |xargs -i du -sh {}
    should have been:
    nikolas@nikolas-desktop:~$ du -s /home/nikolas/* | sort -nr | cut -f 2- |xargs -i du -sh {}
    to get the required output
    EDIT I also see 2 swap partitions. Only one swap partition is needed, no matter how many distros you run. They will all recognize and use the same one.
    EDIT 2 You have definitely run out of space on your /home partition. There are only 495M available. You will have to delete files in order to add anything.
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    One thing you could do: Delete one of the swap partitions as mentioned above and format it as /home, copy everything from the original /home partition to the new /home and this will free up some space too.
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    niksfree... keep in mind that if you remove or change the mount point for any partitions, you'll need to edit your /etc/fstab file to compensate for the changes to the partition table.

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    Thanks to everyone who gave me advise it has been a good learning curve and i feel that i have a problem with the motherboard . So I built a new computer and installed ubuntu 8-10 as a clean install wow had a couple of problems but looking through the posts here was quickly able to fix them such as getting sound as it was muted in surround. Im glad i moved to linux which for an old fella was a big move but with people like those i found on this forum i feel at home with the family .So thank you all for being you and here for others, its lessons from this forum people can learn to be one world looking out for each other without expectation of a return. Thank you all.

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