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    Question Using Mod4 (The Windows Key) Help?

    i want to use my windows key to drop down the KDE menu... or anything. It's unused right now and it's a waisted button. i've been trying to search the forums but when i type 'windows key' in the search it cuts out key and only searches for 'windows'. Kind of weird.

    Can anyone help me get my windows key working in Kubuntu 6.10? i try to map it in settings through the GUI but it doesn't want to except that. It asks me to use an 'alt' or 'ctrl' button with it.
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    Check out this. Bam!
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    The trouble with the Windows key in KDE is that it's regarded as a modifier key, the same way that Shift, Control and Alt are. That is, it doesn't do anything by itself--it just makes other keys behave differently. So unlike in Windows, you can't get the K menu to pop up by just hitting the Windows key.

    I suppose you could use xev and xmodmap to re-define that key and thus get it to behave like a regular key (not a modifier key), but then you wouldn't be able to do Windows-key combinations. So that's a matter of priorities.
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    find out keycode of Windows key using 'xev' command and map it.
    Win keycode is 115 in my KB.
    xmodmap -e 'keycode 115=Menu'
    now open Control Center, ( press Alt+F2 and type kcontrol ) -- Regional & Accessibility -- KeyBoard Shorcuts -- look for Pop Up Launch Menu and set it to Windows key.

    this setting will lost on logout/reboot. save mapping code in .kde/env folder
    mkdir .kde/env
    vi .kde/env/
    enter mapping code, save file and its set forever.
    i have mapped all Multimedia and Extra keys in this way.
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