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    Ubuntu Won't Load When I Boot

    First Of All Here is my crappy, crappy computer's specs.

    I downloaded Ubuntu and I burned it to a disc and it won't start up when I restart the computer with the LIVE CD in.

    I downloaded it from here and I chose:

    Desktop Edition
    Ubuntu 7.10 - Supported to 2009

    What type of computer do you have?
    Standard personal computer (x86 architecture, PentiumTM, CeleronTM, AthlonTM, SempronTM)


    Windows just starts up and I have to go to MY COMPUTER and click on the CD and it shows me this.

    If that comes up then there's not a problem with the CD, right??

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    Welcome to the forums!

    It sounds like you might have burned the CD improperly. Here's a HowTo that gives the steps for burning correctly:

    Also, make sure you are booting from the CD drive first, not the hard drive.

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    Hello dear Blackbird.

    Yes, you are correct: Nothing wrong with your Ubuntu LifeCD.

    You now have to proceed in the following way:

    1.) Shut of your computer (log out).

    2.) Start your start up, but be quick and go into your BIOS.

    3.) Inside of your BIOS you must set your booting sequeces:

    4.) "Boot from CD", and then

    5.) "1. Boot from CD; 2. Boot from hard disk drive; 3. etc. ...

    6.) After done the settings in your BIOS, log out.

    7.) Start up your computer again, with your Ubuntu LifeCD inserted.

    8.) Your system should then automatically show the Ubuntu OS from your CD.

    9.) Enjoy and play around, have fun, and have a nice weekend.


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    Umm so which one of you is right???? One says I burned it bad and the other says I did it right?

    I'm gonna restart and press ESC to get into the BIOS or whatever.

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    Actually, I said you might have burned it improperly. Check all suggestions for the fix. Also, check the CD to see if there are multiple files on it. If there is just one, you simply copied the ISO file to the CD, which won't work.

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    Hi blackbird, you sound really sweet.

    I understood that you tested your CD on Windows, and Windows was able to show it.
    So it very much looks like that CD if fine.

    If a LifeCD does not boot, than it is mostly the problem I mentioned, with the BIOS.

    This is more likely to be, after your Windows test was rather positiv.

    So we have two facts, speaking for the BIOS solution: And now it is only a matter of common sense.

    It will work, I am very sure. Courage!

    Heartily regards


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    I didn't copy the file, I burned it ozar.

    Lordshooter you were right, I pressed ESC and the Linux thing came up and I clicked Start/Install Linux and I waited for like 5 minutes for it to show, but all it showed was the mouse and an orange screen for what seemed like forever, how long does it take to load. I just turned off my computer. But it took way too long. Should I just wait it out then?

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    Glad you got it going, and the burn was done correctly.

    Have fun with Linux!

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    Umm thanks, but I'm not on it yet, the orange screen was up for too long, nothing but an orange screen with the mouse in the middle. So I just turned it off. Should I wait it out?

    How long should I wait, the CD was making these sounds (RRRRRR rrrr RRRR rrr) for a long time.

    It wasn't this screen either.

    All it had was the mouse in the middle with an orange screen.

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    Hi dear Blackbird.

    I do not understand the facts of the procedure, that you are explaining.

    You did not mention BIOS by its name.

    Nevertheless you seemed to have gotten the orange Ubuntu-screen.

    Where you in BIOS?

    Have you followed my instructions precise, step by step?

    Please give me a precise feedback of what you have exactly done. Your description is hard to understand/follow, and a bit confusing.

    We are trying to help, therefor we can only use precise feedback, or else it won't work as a teamwork, you and us, or you and me.

    To get into to the correct BIOS-screen, you must also press "F12".

    Pressing only "Escape" probably won't do the right trick.

    From reading your comments again, it sounds like that you where able to boot, after following my instructions, but that you made the following mistake:

    1.) You started the installation of your OS (you where talking about "Linux", instead of talking about "Ubuntu", that is why I did not understand you at first.)

    2.) You did not intend at first, to install your OS:

    3.) You only wanted to try it from your LifeCD, and maybe install it later, if you decided that you like it.

    4.) You thought, that booting was taking so long. But this was the installation process that was running. That is why.

    5.) But if you really wanted to install your OS at that moment, that would of been all ok.

    5.) You aborted the installation, for some reason.

    6.) You probably have a problem, in the following case:
    In the case that you would like to be able to use your OS you had before you aborted the new installation. You won't be able to do it within reosonable time.

    7.) You now have two options:

    1.) Do not install your OS again on that HDD (you are not able to boot from it.) if you need your data that is on it, and if you do not have a updated backup of it. If you need your data, you will have to recover it, or just take your updated backup CD.

    2.) If you don't need your data, you can install your Ubunto OS again (100%, this time, please).

    3.) So if you need your data and would like to still play around with Ubuntu, please only use from the bootable CD. Do not install it, till you recovered your data and your partly formated HDD (formated by mistake, probably without doing a backup before).

    4.) Anyway: You will have to buy/organise another HDD (or SSD), so that you can still/neverteless work in the meantime with your computer. The new HDD, or the one that won't boot at the moment, you can have either intern or extern of your computer. It will take some time, patience (and money) to recover the other HDD, so put it aside for the moment, and work on it from time to time. You will need the proper LifeCD for recovering data, etc.

    5.) If you by chance do have a updated backup from your data that is on you HDD, but "lost", you only have to reinstall a OS, so that you can boot from your HDD again. Iff you "lost" your data, and don't have a backup, you might want to recover your data.

    Final thoughts:

    It also happend to me one time with a OS-LifeCD:

    After booting, I got the screen with the icons, which had a extra icon on it:
    The install-icon. And I also started installation by mistake. That is why I know so much about your problem.

    It is not the end of the world. And this is learning by doing, but a bit the hard way.

    You lost a few files on that HDD, but you are able to recover a lot of them . Probably depending on how much you have formated of you HDD, till you aborted installation.

    So keep a clear head, look at the facts, and decide, how you want to continue to proceed. Stay cool.

    Nevertheless, have a nice weekend.


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