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    ubuntu performance issue?


    I've been playing with Ubuntu 7.10 over the weekend and although I feel 'almost' all the things I didn't like about previous versions of Ubuntu have been fixed more or less to my liking, it performs like a dog on my test system (which isn't my main system - I cannot replace that with Ubuntu just yet).

    My test system is a 2.4Ghz Shuttle X with 512mb RAM, 200GB HDD, Gigabit Ethernet and an NVidia Gfx Card. Whether or not I turn on Visual Effects or not, doesn't make it less sluggish. For example, just downloading (via Synaptic) makes everything else not so snappy (like FireFox). It's almost painful to use. Just playing an XVID test video plays ok in 640x480, but full screen not so good (using VLC, in Windows I use MPlayer Classic).

    One thing I don't get, is why does it make use of the swap even when there's a couple-hundred MB physical memory free?

    The same hardware running Windows 98SE or XP doesn't suffer this. Actually I tried the Vista pre release and that never had this slowness either (although I couldn't use it - not to my liking).

    It's as though in Ubuntu, the GUI is given second priority to less important things such as network speed, disc IO etc... It's very obvious in utilities such as System Monitor, clicking the tabs - it takes a second sometimes to swap - unlike MorphOS which is instant on a machine half the speed.

    Any ideas what the issue might be? Before I say outright it's the Ubuntu build, perhaps it's using a bad driver?

    Thanks, Julian

    ps. discovered one of my performance problems wasn't netbeans taking forever to display it's licence conditions, but rather it just shows up blank when Visual Effects are on - sadly Netbeans doesn't work with Visual Effects (is this likely a Netbeans bug or Ubuntu bug?) - and neither is Ubuntu usable without the Visual Effects (unless I persist in trying to make Window Maker co-exist with Nautilus).

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    I know with Ubuntu, some of the Visual Theme's people made are not compatible with some of the GUI software... so if you changed your theme, maybe try a different one?
    With the swap space, I believe it puts alot of your active processes in the ram. Right now as I type this I have 0% swap space in use, 15% in use by programs, 23% in use by cache. Maybe you are mistaking Cache for the Swap Space?

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    X Server makes a major difference in the performance of any distro. Are you using correct Graphics Driver? Have you configured X Server properly?
    Execute this
    lspci | grep VGA
    cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep Driver
    Post output here.
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    I found netbeans had a problem with Mepis (KDE and Beryl), but it is a problem
    with the Java GUI toolkit. It doesn't seem to have a problem with Ubuntu
    (Gnome and Compiz-Fusion).

    The solution was to edit the [netbeans-directory]/bin/netbeans file and add
    export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit
    but it was still a bit flaky.

    Performance wise, I find Ubuntu 7.10 takes an age to open things on my
    laptop, but is fine on my desktop.
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    Have you configured Graphics Card. Execute top command and check which process taking most CPU cycles.
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    thanks, I'll try play with netbeans when I get home - this forum also suggests netbeans issues with ubuntu (Why is NetBeans still so slow?).

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    tried the netbeans fix, but no result... do I add the line "export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit" in the netbeans file after the "esac" line?

    netbeans is totally invisible...

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