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    Find replace tool or command

    I need to find and replace names in a big script including subfolders.
    Does a command exist to do that in batch even in the subfolders ? Or even better a graphic application?
    Any suggestion is welcome

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    Use your text editor's Replace functionality or the tcsh script below. Unfortunately the script only replaces text in one file, so you have to run it for each file you want to change (or modify the script). To run the script execute: script /path/to/file OLD-TEXT NEW-TEXT

    set infile=$argv[1]
    set old=$argv[2]
    set new=$argv[3]
    set tmpfile=/tmp/fr
    sed 's/$old/$new /g' $infile > $tmpfile
    mv -f $tmpfile $infile
    unset {infile,tmpfile,old,new}
    EDIT: I don't remember if sed is installed by default so you might have to install it first if it's not. Same for tcsh

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    Thanks for your quick reply...
    But I can come to this result using the text editor...
    I really need a solution for batch even in the subfolders... In webdesigning and programming we use this function quite often. I have a small program running under windoz doing that... Homesite and Dreamwaver has it integrated.
    For example today I need to find replace a file name on a script with more than 600 files... with the help of a script I will do it in a few minutes, manualy I will not be able to finish it today... and tomorrow search for a new job if I am so slow in my task

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    I was in the same boat with the need to replace a bunch of text in web pages. I used regexxer.
    regexxer Search Tool

    It worked like a charm.

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