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    Firefox Flash/Video/Media Freezes 7.10

    I have had Ubuntu 7.10 installed on my system for around 3 months now. Once installed everything was functioning superbly. I had a few problems figuring out how to install some themes but other than that everything was fine.

    However, I started to attempt to increase perfermance through changing settings via the terminal.

    I only wanted to speed up the boot time as I thought I might be able to get it faster. However, after tweaking a few things (I cannot remember what these were) I started running into problems. They are all firefox related. Whenever I attempt to load any type of media (youtube videos, myspace songs, anytype of flash) firefox freezes, and needs a quit, session restore. Then if I try to view a video etc. again it will freeze. This is distressing and I have thought about attempting to reinstall Ubuntu. This would not be too much of a problem as I am running it side by side with Windows and so can move my files from one to the other, and because of the problems I have encountered early on I am not yet fully dependent, so there are few important files.

    I have tried reinstalling firefox and everything connected with it in Synaptic, and have also tried reinstalling adobe flash player from both synaptic and the website, but I have witnessed no change.

    I admit that this could very possibly simply be a problem with firefox, but I am at a loss at what to do.

    I do remember going into the terminal and visiting a small page of text with the digit "1" at the end of every string of text. I think I changed one of these values (the third of five or something) to 0. I definitely changed something to 0 though. I am not sure if this helps at all.

    Also almost all text that I view in firefox (these problems only occur in Ubuntu, although I use firefox in Windows as well) is always stuck in captials, regardless of caps lock. The text in other areas of Ubuntu is fine, although I think this problem was aroused when I installed winfonts onto the ubuntu system.

    I would very much like to get the OS back to full functionality, and would be delighted with any response. Thanks.

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    Hi and Welcome !

    Have you tried moving .mozilla folder?
    Execute this
    mv .mozilla Mozilla.bak
    Open Firefox and check if it works. You can restore bookmarks from Mozilla.bak folder easily.
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    Sorry about the delay.
    I just tried it, but there was no change.
    All of my settings have disappeared, but apart from that nothing.
    The text and the freezing problems are the same.

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    I just tried the Opera browser and have exactly the same problems there, except the youtube videos do not make the browser freeze, they just appear as a large grey box. The capitals are still present there as well.

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    do you have the firefox mplayer plugin installed? i had a conflict between totem and mplayer. removing totem solved it.

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    I've been having the same problems with flash in Slackware, Ubuntu and Crux. Very reproducible. Go to YouTube, and start a video. While it is playing, click on another video and Firefox freezes every time. The only way out is to kill Firefox and start over.

    Interestingly enough, I just upgraded my Crux 2.3 box to the latest stable kernel, and now all the freezing Youtube/Flash problems have gone away! I'm not sure why a kernel update would make the difference, but with this kernel, I've tried to crash Flash/Firefox on Youtube and can't.

    Flash is working perfectly for me now.
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