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Thread: Ipod with Linux

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    Ipod with Linux

    K this problem is affiliated with Linux somehow. But when I installed linux on my computer and plugged in my ipod I used rhythmbox to put new songs on. The problem is the songs wont display on my ipod when I want to listen to it but when I plug it in to the computer all the songs come up through the program. Does anyone know of any compatible programs through linux that work better with an ipod?

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    What format are the songs you put on your iPod? The native format for music in Linux is usually OGG, which is not readable by iPods. If they are MP3s, they should show up.

    I don't think this is an issue with Rhythmbox because my 2nd generation iPod Nano works just fine with it.
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    Anyone can send a screenshot of iPod here?

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    I also have this problem. I plugged in the Ipod to simply recharge the battery, Rhythmbox started up, music was listed, and when I unplugged it, all the music became inaccessible on my Ipod. All music on my Ipod is in mp3 format. It's still there, it just can't be accessed. Is there some utility that can make this accessible again? Or do I have to copy all music to the hard disk and start over?

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    Before you unplugged it, UU14325, did you right click on the icon and choose "unmount"? I've heard that not doing that can jack up the ipod being able to read the songs.

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    This is a bit off topic, but you might be interested in the open source firm ware for music players: Rockbox. I use it with my iAudio player, but it also works with iPods. Advantage is that you can have you're own directory structure, plus lots of nice extras (and of course you can play ogg.) You can also dual boot.

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    Sorry for the delay and thanks for responding. I listened to a few of the songs through the Rhythmbox player, but i didn't click any thing besides the songs I wanted to listen to. It appeared to eject properly, but a second later, an error message popped up saying:
    "There is data that needs to be written to the device Apple iPod before it can be removed. Please do not remove the media or disconnect the drive."
    Strangely, I didn't say to 'write' anything to the iPod. The eject option was gone from Rhythmbox along with all of my songs. So it appears to have ejected the device. So when I checked the Computer option, under the Places tab it listed my iPod and I right-clicked to eject it that way. But a popup said there was no media in the drive... heres a few screen shots. All pics are after I first 'ejected' the device from Rhythmbox. Like I mentioned before, the music is still there and loads up fine through Rhythmbox and gtkpod, but the iPod doesn't detect it anymore. In case you need to know, I am using ubuntu 7.10. This issue may have been addressed in the newest release of ubuntu but I currently can't upgrade with this ungodly-slow internet connection.
    Hopefully the pics help a bit.
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    If you are transfering songs over to your iPod and they arent showing up on it then that sounds like iTunes/IPod firmware is preventing you from seeing them. Is your iPod formatted with Windows or Mac OSX? If it is thats probably whats going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UU14325 View Post
    "There is data that needs to be written to the device Apple iPod before it can be removed. Please do not remove the media or disconnect the drive."
    I had the same thing happen with Amarok. But after I closed Amarok, I was then able to eject the iPod normally with Ubuntu.

    Everyone needs to take note of what Drunk_Mexican just said above. That user helped me resolve my iPod headaches with that info and I was experiencing most of the symptoms people have shared in this thread.

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    I suspected it was something with Itunes as I formatted the Ipod on windows. I guess reformatting is the only option then. It doesn't make sense to me why this problem would arise simply by plugging it in to a system with a linux OS. Thanks for your advice and thanks for the info on Rockbox.

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