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    [SOLVED] Video editing software for the GNOME

    Hey, everyone. I was just wondering what video editing software I should get for my computer. It's a GNOME 2.22.0 desktop, although I don't think that that matters.... Anyways, I don't need anything major. I just want something that will let me put a lot of little video clips together, from different formats (if possible). I can't have anything that would be a huge system hog, I don't have much RAM or hard drive space to work with (385 MB and 2.1 GB, respectively.) So, what are your opinions on what I should get?

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    Thumbs up The Problem of Choice!

    I dont thing any of the app given below will consume much system resources except for Kino and cinelerra.

    Any way try the below softwares and find the one that fits u the most!
    This is a easy app. with lot of features...this worked well for me!
    I installed this with Synaptic Package Manager.
    kdenlive | non-linear video editor for kde

    is another app. good if u want to capture from DV Cam.

    Cinnelera is another app. but is a bit complicated maybe different for you give it a try...
    Heroine Virtual: Cinelerra

    Pritivi- is nice and clean!

    Diva-nice and clean
    Youtube Demo

    Open Movie Editor-this is ok!
    Open Movie Editor

    LIVES-is basic though
    Screen Shots

    (its a linux distro just for all studio works)
    official Site

    Elive- a new linux distro!
    Heard this is good for that but i hav not tried
    chk any way

    A list of video editing apps i found in wikipedia

    A poll in Ubuntu on this...but dont tk that as a reason for ur choice try everything urself...its fun and most of them takes very less space and time to install!!!

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    I tried Kdenlive, but after I saw the KDE part, I didn't know wether it would work with my GNOME desktop.Do you know if it will? It looks like it'll get the job done.

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    Thumbs up Personally i havent tried...but friend told!

    Sorry...i cant say it as i havent tried it in GNOME...but my friend told it works...giv it a try and post the feedback!

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    Thanks, esafwan! After trying out a bunch of these options, I finally decided on PiTiVi. But I am having an issue with the sound, so if you have a suggestion for me on how to fix it, read about the issue and post the solution on that thread. Thanks!

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