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    Question How to search for files w/out a filetype

    I've tried to look around for an answer to this, but I am trying to find a way to search for files without a filetype (eg: not "text.txt", but simply just "text").

    My problem stems from this mp3 duplicate finding software used on one of my family's Winblowz PC. It has "deleted" files from my Linux server's mp3 share, but in reality it simply renamed files into a bunch of gibberish without a file extension (and guess what: you have to pay to "free" the space). I would delete them manually except there are thousands of them spread out through hundreds of directories.

    There's no pattern that I can identify, so I'm hoping there is a way to search for them, or exclude file-types from the search (there are only mp3, ogg, etc in that directory).

    thank you in advance!

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    first idea that comes to mind is just to 'ls' the directory, and pipe the output through grep, something like:
    ls /path/to/directory | grep -v ogg | grep -v mp3

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