I have posted about my problem with getting sound to come from Pidgin, and I had a thought. Is it possible that I am using the wrong file type for the sounds? I am using .wav files. If that's a bad thing, then what file format should I use?

I am also curious of some good places to find sounds for Pidgin. I can't seem to find any good sound packages.

Here is the post I posted about my problem with Pidgin:

I am using Pidgin messenger, and I am the type of person who likes sounds for when I receive messages and when people come online. I went into the preferences and chose sound files for the sound effects and everything. Although, it's still not making any noise. I chose .wav files, assuming that everything can play .wav files. How come I am not getting any sound?

I have already downloaded and installed aplay and bplay, and tried using both of them under the sound preferences in Pidgin. Neither of them work at all. I have also tried selecting ALSA, without any luck. The only setting that works is "console beep".

(btw I am using 7.10 Ubuntu)
I got one reply to this post, and the person suggested I get gstreamer. The problem is that I already have it. I also have most packages associated with it. I have no idea what's going on.