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    ATI Radeon 5500 (X1050) Video Playback

    Using 8.04 LTS Hardy.


    New to Ubuntu as of last week. Really liking the system except for 1 issue that I have googled and cant find an answer for.

    When I have desktop appearance set to normal or high (so you get the cool transparent title bars / wobbly windows etc) video playback does not work in a window. If I full screen the video it displays fine and uses the hardware acceleration as it should.

    But if I was to watch the video in a window then it will "flick" the image as if it was putting it in back ground and then bringing to front and then putting back to the background. If was to I leave the video playback windowed and then bring another window to the front it sometimes overlays the video in to the window that has been brought to the front.

    And if I have no desktop effects enable everything works fine - hardware acceleration works and I can watch videos windowed / fullscreened.

    Ive had a play around with the xorg file seeing if that helped but no joys. Ended up loading the EnvyNG incase of driver issue but still no joy.

    I am using the Catalyst ATI 8.3 driver. If I uninstall the drover and run with mesa mode everything works just fine - except I have no hardware acceleration (no good for fullscreen divx / xvid).

    Thanks for your help.

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    I had the same problem. Managed to find the solution here. It's so frustratingly easy. I hope it works for you too.

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