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    Two Firefox Questions

    I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy), and Firefox 3.

    I am wondering why when I open FF, it defaults in off-line mode which requires that I uncheck the work off-line option under "File"?

    Second, I am wondering why FF closes automatically after I save an image from the internet to my desktop, or after downloading anything?

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    The first one is a known issue check here.
    The second one might be there also.

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    I saw that, but nothing was helpful or worked for me.

    The hell with it. I reverted to FF2 and everything is working fine again.

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    I'm having an issue with Firefox as well.

    I can't exit the program normally. I have to 'End Process" to get out. Every time!

    This wasn't an issue with 7.10/Fx2

    Anyone else experience this problem?


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    One shouldn't complain considering that Linux and FF are open source, provided free of charge, and are by and large very good pieces of software. Nevertheless, since upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04, I've had numerous sound issues, some program issues, and it's a shot in the dark whether a solution is available or not. Plus, I'm updated to death constantly. Everyday when I come home, there are 12 - 30 + updates it wants to download.

    FF3 is the same deal. The add-ons I had with FF2 aren't compatible, some themes don't work anymore (like the redshift theme), scrolling on some sites is slower than hell, and then to top it off, it does dumb **** like defaulting into offline mode and auto closing after a download.

    Posting here was a final option. I've researched for a few weeks, and nothing worked. I just removed FF3 and went back to FF2, and perhaps much later, when FF3 is ironed out, I'll upgrade. As for the OS itself, I'm going to plan on staying 1 or maybe even 2 versions behind, so that I know the upgrades are done updating and are stable. I'll maybe upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 when 9.10 is coming out.

    Make sure if you remove FF3 and revert to FF2, to remove the .mozilla directory from your home folder completely. Then install FF2.

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    Very true. I run 8.04 myself, and have noticed the same types of issues. I also did the same and ended up reverting to FF2.

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    I thought Firefox fixed the first issue. It doesn't happen anymore as far as I knew. I have Kubuntu Hardy on one of my partitions and that wasn't happening to me.

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