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    Question Need help with Mythbuntu 8.04 startup!!!

    Ok so one day my desktop was on when my power went out and Mythbuntu was in screensaver mode. So the next time I turned on my desktop it powered up and was working just fine, until Mythbuntu started loading up and keeps freezing up at its startup screen . I've rebooted it like 5 time and did a complete shutdown a few time and it still freezing up. I'm not sure if it's locked up, because it was shutdown while in its screensaver mode ? But it will not longer go to my desktop or to myth TV. The only option I can see is deleting the Mythbuntu partition, on my HD, and reinstalling Mythbuntu. But I rather not do that if possible. So do you know how I can fix this problem. Also I think that Mythbuntu can't, for some reason, connect to the X server. Thanks for your help .

    Now it just stays at the Mythbuntu startup screen for hours with no change and then it sometimes freezes up or the background goes dark, with the circle pointer icon still spinning. I have a feeling that this startup screen is an error and the real desktop screen is be hided it.

    Here's some screen shoots:

    This is the Startup Screen (This is the screen that stay on for hours and sometimes freezes)

    This is my desktop screen (This is the screen I'm tring to get to)

    Also I only seem to be able to start Mythbuntu in Failsafe GNOME mode.

    Now this picture is a little hard to read, but sometimes when press Ctrl->Alt->Backspace I see a box titled "Unlock Keyring" for a few seconds.

    But I can't type anything when it shows up.

    I've also notice that other people, on this forum, have been having similar problems

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    Here's my post on Computer Forum for more infomation on my problem: Need Help Setting Up Mythbuntu 8.04!!!

    Thanks for your help .

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    I remeber i had same problem, i solve it as follow:

    entered in single mode.
    verified the file systems.
    check all packages.

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    mah_60 can you explain this in a step by step form, like how do you enter into single mode? Thanks for the help.

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    when you run your computer and boot loader screen starts type (e), three options will appear, navigate to one that starts with (kernel /vmlinuz ......) press (e) again, then in the last line type single, press enter, then press (b)

    and a command line prompt will appear,

    if that does not help, then when your screen appear (after your computer startup) open a command line terminal and type (init 1).


    check file system, fsck -f -s (your partitions)
    ex. fsck -f -s /dev/sda13

    check all packages, rpm -Va.

    Hope that help.

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    After my last posting, things got worse and I had no chose but to delete my Mythbuntu partition and reinstall Mythbuntu . So I reinstalled Mythbuntu and so far everything work fine, except for the TV Listings and have some trouble setup my LIRC remote and IR Transmitter, see Mythbuntu Setup posting for remote info . So thanks to everyone who tried to help me with my setup problem, and I still need some help getting my Mythbuntu up and running.

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