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    Need Help installing program and getting it runing.

    Ok so me and a bunch buddeys wanna set up a mud server just to play on and i have a program called Perlmud-3.0 And i still kinda a noob i don't know how to install and run it lol can u help me. If this helps any here are the files it came with


    And a java folder with

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    From the website

    Once you unpack the program, as shown above, you must configure it. The Perl source code is in the file "mud". You will need to edit the $dataDirectory setting at the top of that file to match the directoy where PerlMUD 3.0 hs been placed.

    Perform the following steps:

    * 1. Using a text editor, such as vi, set $dataDirectory in the file mud to point to the path where you have installed PerlMUD 3.0.
    * 2. Copy the file "minimal.db" to "mud.db".
    * 3. Set $serverName in to the name you would prefer to see in the titles of various web pages produced by the simple web interface.
    * 4. Set $hostName in to the Internet host name of the server. Example: if your PerlMUD server runs on the machine, then put here. You cannot simply make up a name -- if you don't know what the machine is called, ask the administrator. This information is used to give new users instructions to connect to the MUD when they receive accounts via email.
    * 5. Optionally, change $tinypPort (if you do not want to use port 4096) and $httpPort (if you do not want to use port 4196) in The first is used for telnet and java client access; the second is used by the simple web interface.

    Now, to start the MUD, type (under Unix):

    perl mud &

    In the beginning, there are only two objects: The Void (a room, object #0) and Admin (a player, object #1).

    Wait a few seconds for the mud to start, then type the following commands (under Unix):

    telnet localhost 4096
    connect admin initial

    Once you have logged into the admin character, type "help" for more information. You will find the tutorial topics useful to get you started with PerlMUD administration.

    SECURITY ALERT: change your password using the @password command before you let the public know your server exists! Try "help @password" while logged into the mud for further instructions. (Most administrative commands begin with an @ sign.)

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    Ok so i tryed lol... all it does it says Couldn't bind to port 4096. im betting its something simple i tryed to forward the port. But nothing lol

    Aslo i was a little lost at the part of the host name could u explain that a little better. I dont have a server or a web page so..Thanks

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    If any one knows of any mud server programs that run better or are easer to configure please let me know or email me

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