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    Smile Virus recognition

    Hi all,

    Whenever i am using my any of the removable drive (like USB, CD, DVD etc) which may contain virus unknowingly to me, Will my Ubuntu hardy heron able to recognize the virus or trojan program present in the removable drive and alert me regarding.

    Or is there any possibility that when i was using windows with antivirus s/w installed, i select my removable drive - then right click it and can "scan" for viruses option. Will there any such options to recognize virus program if present in removable drives. I know virus written for windows programs cant infect linux file structure; but i want to ensure whether my removable drive is infected or not. Thanks in advance. Expecting reply from you guys.

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    Yes, you're right: Linux is not infested with viruses like Windows is, and nor will it ever be. However, if you want to check your Linux files for any viruses that could affect a Windows pc, then the solution is to use an antivirus. I don't use one myself as I do everything in Linux so I can't really advise on what's best. However, I can tell you that Avast is available in Linux; I can also tell you that Linux has its own virus checker called clamAV which you can download with your package manager. As to which one you should choose, I don't know, but I suspect that Avast is very good as it is excellent in Windows.
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