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    Question Ubuntu server setup - HEEELLLPPP

    Hi all, I am a complete and utter noob when it comes to servers, I recently ordered a dedicated server so I can host various websites. My hosting company ( will not install/enable DSO for me. I have had the person who owns the script I am trying to run, do it for me but he says that my hosting company have a very odd configuration - I don't know what he did but now when i try open any php website on my server it downloads the .php file rather then displaying it. I am getting increasingly desperate and have not been able to find anyone who can install/configure and enable things on my server. below is a list of things I need doing I would really appreciate it if someone could install it all for me, obviously I will pay them to do it. I have untill the end of this month to get my server working and configured perfectly and all my websites back online because I have paid for advertising which starts to run from the 1st of August.

    If you can't do what I need doing please can you forward this on to someone you know who might be able to help.

    p.s apologies if this is the wrong place to post this.

    Here is the list

    DSO - Apache 1.3 Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support

    ffmpeg - FFmpeg

    Mplayer - Entering MPlayer homepage

    Mencoder - Entering MPlayer homepage

    Flv2tool - RubyForge: FLVTool2: Project Info and inlet media FLVTool2 - Flash video and meta data manipulation

    Libogg -

    Libvorbis -

    LAME MP3 Encoder - LAME MP3 Encoder

    ImageMagick -

    GD library compiled with TrueType fonts

    JRE 1.6 (Java Runtime Environment)

    1935, 1936 and 5080 ports on the server should be open

    **PHP Configuration**

    * safe_mode = off

    * max_execution_time = 1000 (recommended to prevent timeouts during video upload/conversion)

    * session.gc_maxlifetime = 14000 (recommended to prevent session expires during video upload)

    * open_basedir = (no value)

    * output_buffering = on

    * upload_max_filesize = 100M (recommended maximum video upload size in MB)

    * post_max_size = 100M (recommended maximum video upload size in MB)

    * CGI-BIN Access

    * Apache mod_rewrite Enabled

    * PHP Configuration (php.ini): register_argc_argv = On

    * Must be able to run PHP from the command line (CLI) with exec()

    * Allowed execution of background processes with exec("binary > /dev/null &")

    PHP 4.4.0/5.1.0 and higher compiled with XML and XSL

    XSML - dont know if this is that same as above...

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    are you sure??

    sory to say this,
    but are you sure your PHP is working correctly?
    because if a browser can't display php files because of php is not working properly.

    and how about the webserver? are you sure you installed them?
    try installing apache web server with php extension,
    or contact your hosting company

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