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Thread: SLVR with Hardy

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    SLVR with Hardy

    Hi All,

    I'm having some problems getting Hardy to recognize my Moto SLVR. It worked flawlessly with Gutsy but it doesn't even recognize it in Hardy. The weird thing is that the SLVR charges when it's plugged in but it's not detected at all, it's not treated like a hard drive, I can't see it when I do sudo fdisk -l, Amarok can't see it....all around just no good. On the Gentoo how to for the SLVR it says that it should see the phone because it's formatted VFAT. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I'm tired of the same 70 songs after 6 months being on it

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    try checking the device in gutsy... then you can probably try to mount it regularly on /mnt with hardy. just guessing though.

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