Hello everyone

Ive been having a problem wiht port forwarding on my desktop for along time now and hopefully someone can solve it for me. With looking on the internet including portforwarding.com and still got nothing here is my setup

i got 2 routers

MotorolaSBG900 which is my main source for internet

And i got a linksys router which is tapping off of my Motorola for internet which is connected to my desktop

in my linksys i got a port forwarding script in there and in which i would type

./fwdport azureus port to forward followd by 2 ip address on being the ip of my computer the second being what ip to forward to which would be the router

so i would do

./fwdport 40937 is what i get when i do ifconfig which is the ip of my computer. is what it recognizes as my router for my linksys.

If i log into the Motorola that is what it says. is how i would get to my linksys router but in Motorola it says which i assume is my computer and it shows the hostname of my linksys router aswell.

anyways i would run that command in the terminal while logged in the linksys router and when i check azureus for nat error it would still not work. No nat ok no nat fixed nothing.

There is also a DMZ feature in the Motorola Router which says nat config and below it asks for MAC address and a check box that says bypass firewall. Does anyone know what MAC to put the linksys MAC motorola MAC or my Computers MAC. I can just use the DMZ it would fix the problem and i wouldnt have to mess around but what am i forwarding and what to.

Also i forgot to mention above after i forward the port with linksys router i have to log into motorola and forward teh port start and end 40932 and would be the ip for it and nothing works. Im so lost if someone could help i would so much appreciate it.

Thanks for the help in advance