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    problems adding new wallpapers

    I'm having a problem moving a number of images I use as desktop wallpapers into the folder root/usr/share/wallpapers , so that I can choose from them when I use configure kdesktop.

    If I right click the desktop, click configure kdesktop, and add the file in through that interface one at a time, everything works. But when I try to copy them from my pictures folder and paste them into root/usr/share/wallpapers using Dolphin, the files seem to transfer but won't show the images. Under the configure kdesktop options, all the file names appear but when I select one of the copy and pasted files, it just shows the black background.

    I tried a straight-up copy and paste, but got a message that I needed to log in as root. Then I tried right clicking on root/usr/share/wallpapers and selecting the action "open as root." This let me paste my images, but gave the above results. I've also tried "open as root" on my pictures folder, then copying and pasting. Again, it lets me copy and paste, and the file names show up, but their previews don't work in Dolphin and when I select them through configure kdesktop, the images don't show up.

    I'm a brand new linux user (been using it for about 5 days). I'm probably missing something hugely obvious, but I'm a little stuck here and google searches haven't helped. Any tips would be greatly appreciated--I have way too many wallpapers to try to add them one at a time through configure kdesktop.

    *Edit* Solved the problems. After pasting files into /usr/share/wallpapers I needed to go in and change the permissions on those files so that group and others could read them. I guess it's going to take a bit for me to start thinking like a Linux user.
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    making sure to login as super user when you are copying?

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