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    Need to know how to dual boot between Ubuntu and...

    and, yeah, im sorry but Vista

    i dont even like vista anymore but i still know it way better than i know Linux (linux n00b here)

    i want to do this dual boot with 2 Sata hard drives, and i have heard from other people, well one person at least, that Vista isnt friendly to other operating systems on the machine

    someone mind teaching me how to get this accomplished?

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    there are a lot of tutorials that it will illustrate you how to create a dual-booting. i did myself and it works perfectly fine. well i could give you a head start up

    1. download "gparted" it is open source app and burn it on a cd. this cd it is bootable so don't worry. you could also buy "norton partition magic 8.0" but if you want to do it free then this is the way to go
    2. check your disk for errors doing a scan disk
    3. defrag your computer and make sure that it is well defraged. i do not recomment windows defrag for that, i use myself "
    Auslogics Disk Defrag" FREE and BETTER
    4. insert "gparted" and create a partition. make sure that your partition it is greater than 6gb for linux in order to run.

    also make sure that you have a swap like around 500mb at least

    OR you could download ubuntu and it will do all of that for you

    hope this helps

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    Hi, Lvl21nerd! Welcome to LinuxForums!

    slimx3m gave good advice for you. I just want to add that you don't have to worry about Linux eating your Vista install as Linux automatically looks for other installations and sets up the dual boot environment for you by default.
    And a good tool to use to burn your .iso files to CD is Alex Feinman's Power Tool. Free and easy to use. Just make sure you burn CD's as images at the lowest speed supported by your burner. Let us know how it goes!

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    to say to the two previous posters: thanks for the replies

    poster 1: im going to install Vista on a 250gb SATA II drive and then install Ubuntu or OpenSuSE on a 160gb SATA II i dont have to worry about the partitioning

    i just need to know the best/most simple/easiest way to manage my booting options so i dont have to go into BIOS all the time to switch the boot order

    poster 2: ImgBurn is great tool and i have burned 12 disks so far at maximum burn speeds (CD and DVD both) without a single coaster

    im still not solid on how to do the dual booting between the 2 drives but i appreciate the replies

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    Most recent distros will take care of your dualo booting worries by itself. That is, it will install GRUB, which is a bootloader and when your computer boots up you'll see all the options there for your OS, like:

    1st line: <OS1> - maybe ubuntu/fedora/suse

    2nd line:<OS2> - Windows Vista

    So, don't worry about going to BIOS to change the boot priority. Since, both of your OS is in HD, it has nothing to do with BIOS priority.

    You may want to change the priority of GRUB listing like, you may want Vista to be on the 1st line or you may want to change the timeout seconds etc. That can be done later, by editing /boot/grub/menu.lst (in ubuntu).

    Hope this is clear.
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    so what u are telling me, so i can be clear, is that GRUB will recognize the 2 different hard drives that i mentioned earlier?

    your post read as though u thought i was installing both OS's on one hard disk

    im hoping there wasnt a misunderstanding

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    Oh, I'm sorry I didn't read that two separate HD part. Really sorry.

    In that case, this thread may help you.
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    | 2 GB RAM | 320 GB SATA | Kernel: 2.6.32-5-686

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    you could also be running virtual machines if you want to in one OS. i also do that whenever i want to run and install other apps in the vm

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    My advice is install Vista to hard drive first. Then unplug Vista hard drive and install Linux to other hard drive. After this plug in both hard drives and set BIOS or disk drive links to boot from Linux hard drive first. Start Linux, open a terminal and post the output of
    sudo fdisk -l
    cat /boot/grub/menu.lst
    and someone can post the entry you need to add to grub menu.lst file to allow Windows Vista boot. The advantage of doing things this way is each OS will boot without the other hard drive connected.

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    ty ty ty

    the last two posts were very helpful, and if someone will reply with what the previous poster was talking about, that would be great as well

    i owe all of you a debt of gratitude; thx for being patient with me

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