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    Using DVD Shrink w/Kubuntu different from Ubuntu ?

    I was using DVD shrink to faithfully back up my own DVD's for a long time. It would simply create an burnable ISO file for me to burn within Gnome. Now however, even though it seems that DVD Shrink is working [technically], it is not creating the ISO file I am used to seeing. Instead, it is creating separate VTS VOB files. I've tried various settings within preferences, but nothing seems to do the trick.

    Could it be that I'm missing some files needed for DVD playback and that sort of thing ? Because when I go to play my DVD in Kaffiene, I'm told that I need libdvd something or other. I installed and navigate, but that didn't do anything for me.

    Also, in Gnome, when I wanted to burn the ISO file, all I had to do was right click the ISO file and then choose "burn to disc". It was fast and light on resources. K3b is a fine program, and have used it before, but seems like over kill for this. Is there a way to do what I used to in Gnome ? First, I'd love to know why it won't compress to an ISO image though.



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    Little help for an old choir boy eh, father ?


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