alright, so heres the deal, I downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 from the website, burned it to a cd, restarted my computer, and attempted to install it.

the menu asking for the language came up, then the menu asking whether or not i want to install it or not came up, but when i click on install, it comes up with a bunch of numbered exceptions ranging from 200~600, then it goes to a black screen and seizes up, then, i restarted the computer, booted into windows, and attempted to install Ubuntu through windows, and that worked great until i tryed booting into Ubuntu, it gave me all of the same exceptions, and seized up yet again.

im sorry for the poor descriptions, but it was late lastnight when i attempted this, and i dont remember everything the exceptions said.

also, i am running intel dual core, and i downloaded the x86 version of i have to get the x64 version for it to work properly?...

one last thing, i downloaded VirtualBox yesterday afternoon, and loaded the Ubuntu ISO into it, and it installed and ran like a champ, but when i try a real install, no GUI comes up at all, and it has never worked for me outside of VirtualBox...

so, if someone could please help me with this issue, it would be greatly appreciated, i am very interested in Linux, i just cant get it running for my life.

thanks in advance.