I am looking for an easy to install and use keylogger. Please do not lecture me about moral turpitude. I have a legitimate reason to use a keylogger, and don't feel like I should need to explain myself, however if you simply will not answer without needing to know my business I will divulge.

I tried LKL, however it never created a log file. After some research, it seems that this may have been due to the fact that I was using a wireless USB keyboard. I also tried pykeylogger, however this kept telling me I needed pyhook (after making sure to not download the Windows version.) I did not try Uberkey because it also seemed to have the same problems with USB keyboards. I don't need stealth or anything like that, as long as the keylogger itself is not obtrusive. If anyone could point me to something simple that works, I would appreciate it.