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    Smile Remotely tell Ubuntu to play music/video

    Hello everyone, I'm just starting configuring my first Ubuntu (8.04) server. So far so good, I've got file sharing up and just about to have itunes integration from remote PC's.

    I was hoping to be able to remotely control my server allowing me to play music and videos. I'm going to be living with 3 other people and am hoping to allow all of us to control what the server is playing from our own laptops. I have played with ncmpc and have had great results, but was hoping for some sort of gui or web interface so that we can all control the server (non ssh).

    We are using both windows and mac if that makes a difference. I know that there must be some solution however the only help I get while searching refers to serving from the server to your local computer, not telling the server what it should be playing from your local computer.

    Simple music controls would work, however video would be amazing. Thanks in advance.

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    Have you looked at MPD for the music part? I'm not sure what can be done about the video but I think MPD was designed for this type of control.

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    Thanks Thrillhouse, I was playing with MPD earlier and as I said had ncmpc running. I found a couple graphical clients which work great.

    If I could ask a second, what do you use to transfer files (music) from a remote machine over a local network to an Ubuntu machine? I've got samba set up and am connected to the server via a workgroup, but transfering songs is extremely slow (~6-7 seconds per mp3, multiply that by hundreds/thousands of mp3's...). Is samba the prefered file transfer method, if not what is? Are the transfer times I am getting reasonable over a local network?

    Thanks again

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    You would be looking at samba or maybe nfs.
    nfs doesn't have as many over heads as samba so should be a little faster.

    Remember the more files you send the more over heads. Ie 1 big file is faster then 10,000 small ones.
    May want to tar the mps into 1 folder and xfer across though the comperssion may take some time if you want to compress to bz2.

    When I set up my bsd server, I just put my files on an eternal drive and mounted with bsd and copied across. After that it's not really an issue.

    If you are running WiFi, may want to wire it up for the inital xfer to speed it up.

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