In order to remote desktop in to my work computer I am required to log in to the ssh server and use tunneling to remote in to my machine at work. It works fine on my windows machine on the same network, however on Ubuntu I am getting a 'connection refused' error message.

I am running Ubuntu version 8.04, and using putty to connect to the SSH server. My putty configuration is exactly the same as on my windows machine, and I can connect to the SSH server no problem. The tunnel is through local port 3389 going to port 3390 on my work machine. I am using the 'Terminal Server Client' application that was installed with Ubuntu (I have tried several others with no luck).

I should also mention that I used network tools under system administration and did a port scan on local host (while I was connected through putty) and I did not see anything listening on port 3389 (which is what I would think putty should be doing).

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance,