Hi there,

I'm a Linux noob, while being fair-moderate user of Windows up til now. I'm running some relatively old kit, thus my reason for using Xubuntu due to the lighter weight environment. I've got 8.04 (Hardy Heron).

I'm trying to set up a peer-to-peer wired LAN to my WinXP machine. The XP machine's networking is fine, as when I plug my laptop (also windows) in, with its current settings, they network happily.

When I plug the Xub box in, it recognises I've connected a cable to the network card.

Both machines have fixed IP addresses.

The Xp is subnet
The Xub is subnet

When I Ping from the terminal to ( the standard "self" I believe), all works fine. When I ping my own IP (, all works fine.

When I Ping the XP machine ( nothing.

Interestingly, although I've made the IP address static, upon right click on the network icon on the desktop, and view connection, the IP and subnet for eth0 is

I've not messed with Samba yet = but I shouldn't need to for piging, should I? isn't that for file sharing etc.? But I assume networking is running OK if I can ping myslef OK?

Any ideas why the two aren't communicating? As said, if I plug the XP machine into my other Windows comps, all is fine, so I think the problem lies with the Xub machine, also coz I don't really know what I'm doing with it yet!!!

Thanks for your help.