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    First time Kubuntu

    I just installed Kubuntu on a 500gb external that i bought to back up data since my school laptop can no longer boot windows. Is there a way to install Kubuntu, and i'm think of Xubuntu too, to the directory sda1\kubuntu and be able to create folders in sda1\ for use a storage while in kubuntu and when the external is plugged into a windows XP PC? I tried doing a manual partition and formatting it to FAT32 but i was getting errors i did not know how to solve. Would FAT32 be the best format for this application?

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    Welcome to the forums Nicholas482109

    Linux needs to run on a Linux format partition such as ext2, ext3, etc and will not run on a FAT32 partition. sda1 is the first partition on device sda ... I suggest you boot the system from a live CD, open a terminal and post the output of the command
    fdisk -l
    here ... the l is a small L We can confirm the current disk partition structure and make sure you don't wipe your existing windows partition & data when you do the install.

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