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    automatically changing font with keyboard layout


    i am using most recent version of ubuntu, hopefully (installed it a couple of months ago). i have installed a keyboard layout for Urdu language. I toggle between standard keyboard layout and urdu one by pressing alt-shift. But the font I use for standard keyboard layout (english) is not at all suited for urdu language. it's ugly. and the fonts i have for urdu show english horribly. so I want my font to change to the urdu one automatically when i toggle to urdu keyboard layout, and shift back to english fonts when i toggle back to standard keyboard layout.

    can it be done?


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    I think that this works, I don't speak Urdu but I have the Telugu language installed and it was MUCH easier to use but those instructions should work....this is what it looks like (just random typing)

    ؛لکجا؛سکلدن؛ناپیاجوعپرکاجسط؛کنا؛کنپہیاجھعرپکل؛انج؛ کلنبپہیجڈٰۃض:ؓغُٰۃضُْٰڑ

    I'm not sure if that is Arabic or Urdu but if it's Urdu those instructions are what I followed. Just a warning, the links don't work (to the font). Just google search it and make sure to not get the .exe file, instead get the ttf file...actually here I'll just attach both files that you need (ttf and pk)

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    hi jmadero,

    thanks for your help. but i think you misunderstood my problem.

    i already have several fonts that display urdu perfectly. and i have already configured ubuntu to switch the keyboard layout more convenient for typing urdu by pressing alt-shift. what i want is the default font of ubuntu to change to my preferred font with the keyboard layout.

    or alternatively, at least there should be a keyboard shortcut that can change the default font of ubuntu to my preferred one.

    or alternatively, i want a keyboard shortcut that can change the default font in firefox (i know i can change it from menu options, but i want a quick keyboard access to it.


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