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    cant see windows drive using ubuntu live cd to access

    I have a Dell system that is based on Vista using 2 250gb drives in a RAID0 configuration.
    One of the disks, the one with the OS, indicates there is an error but that the RAID0 system is functional.
    I tried booting through my Ubuntu Live CD as this is usually an easy way to see the drives and extract the files.
    However, Ubuntu does not show the drives in COMPUTER.
    I do see them in fdisk, one is listed with 3 partitions and having the OS in HPFS/NTFS format and the 2nd drive is listed as not having a partition table.

    Why cant I see the drives? Is it because of the raid0? I just need to extract the data and this fix has worked for non raid setups where the Windows OS has crashed and wont boot.

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    This is what I got when trying to do "sudo dmraid -ay"

    ERROR: isw device for volume "ARRAY" broken on /dev/sdb in RAID set "isw_jibghiihe_ARRAY"
    ERROR: isw: wrong # of devices in RAID set "isw_jibghiihe_ARRAY" [1/2] on /dev/sdb

    Also says the NTFS volume on the first disk, sda1 is not valid.

    When trying to do apt-get install ms-sys, it says ms-sys package not found as well, in order to try to reorganize the MBR to access.

    The drives just dont show up, my usb thumb does but the 2 raid0 drives do not.

    Any thoughts?

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    Ubuntu's not good with RAIDs or LVMs. Perhaps you could try a different liveCD (like Knoppix, or Fedora)?

    If they don't work, then you might have a real problem with your RAID config. Remember, RAID0 isn't really redundant (as RAID is supposed to be), and comes with a higher chance of failure than a single disc. Which is why you have backups. Right?
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    This is probably a RAID set made possible via a special Windows device driver. If you don't have a Linux driver for the SATA/RAID chip, you won't be able to access the drives the same way Windows does.

    Hint: If you see both HDD's, you don't have the Linux driver for the SATA/RAID chip.

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